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100 Best Songs With "Moon" in the Title

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The moon is a romantic and sentimental theme featured in many songs. Here are the top 100!

The moon is a romantic and sentimental theme featured in many songs. Here are the top 100!

What Are the Best Songs About the Moon?

The word "moon" has been used in songs to convey a plethora of emotions. While in certain songs, the word is used in a literal sense, in most songs, the term is used as a metaphor to explain a broader concept or meaning. Regardless of the message conveyed, we have got to admit moon songs are a whole lot of fun.

Read on for some of the best songs with moon in the title!

Read on for some of the best songs with moon in the title!

Different Ways the Word "Moon" Is Used in Songs

Singers and songwriters have conveyed romantic sentiments and dark perspectives with the term moon. In many pop, rock, country, and R&B genres, the word "moon" is used to showcase a wide range of emotions associated with love, romance, and heartbreak. Certain songs have used the term to theatrically portray the extent one would go for love. In many music videos, the presence of the moon is used as a symbolic representation to depict a lyrical tale of truth, lies, valor, and deceit.

In certain ballads, the word "moon" is used to highlight the dark side of love. Moon songs by bands and artists in art and progressive genres bring to life dreamscape elements with fairy tale concepts. These songs glorify an unreal world that dwells in the realms of fantasia. Although the word "moon" has been used in different ways to highlight or showcase a perspective, the dramatic use of the term has appealed to a wide genre of listeners.

The presence of the moon in songs is often symbolic.

The presence of the moon in songs is often symbolic.

The list below showcases a diverse collection of songs from different genres and decades that mention "moon" in the title. Feel free to get moonstruck with your opinions and song suggestions in the comments section.

In music, the moon evokes dreamscape elements with fairy tale concepts.

In music, the moon evokes dreamscape elements with fairy tale concepts.

Top 10 Best Songs With "Moon" in the Title

  1. “To the Moon and Back”—Savage Garden
  2. “Man on the Moon”—R.E.M.
  3. “Talking to the Moon”—Bruno Mars
  4. “Walking on the Moon”—The Police
  5. “Moonage Daydream”—David Bowie
  6. “Bad Moon Rising”—Creedence Clearwater Revival
  7. “Harvest Moon”—Neil Young
  8. “Shoot the Moon”—Norah Jones
  9. “The Moon and the Sky”—Sade
  10. “Bark at the Moon”—Ozzy Osbourne


11. “Moondance”—Van Morrison

12. “Moonlight”—Ariana Grande

13. “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”—LeAnn Rimes

14. “Pink Moon”—Nick Drake

15. “Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in Its Spotlight)”—Thin Lizzy

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16. “Half Moon”—Blind Pilot

17. “Moonlight Shadow”—Mike Oldfield

18. “Moonlight Serenade”—Glen Miller

19. “Dancing in the Moonlight”—King Harvest

20. “Moonlight”—Grace VanderWaal


21. “To the Moon”—Phora

22. “Moonshadow”—Cat Stevens

23. “Sail to the Moon”—Radiohead

24. “Neon Moon”—Brooks & Dunn

25. “Mwaka Moon”—Kalash featuring Damso

26. “Dancing with the Moonlight Knight”—Genesis

27. “Blue Moon”—Beck

28. “My Moon My Man”—Feist

29. “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)”—AWOLNATION

30. “Send Me the Moon”—Sara Bareilles

31. “Moon Over Bourbon Street”—Sting

32. “Moonchild”—King Crimson

33. “Moonbeam Levels”—Prince

34. “Concentration Moon”—The Mothers of Invention

35. “Man on the Moon”—Kid Cudi

36. “Moon River”—Audrey Hepburn

37. “Half Moon”—Janis Joplin

38. “The Killing Moon”—Echo & the Bunneymen

39. “Midnight Moonlight”—The Firm

40. “Drunk on the Moon”—Tom Waits


41. “Puttin’ People on the Moon”—Drive-By Truckers

42. “Moonshine”—Dennis Wilson

43. “Moonlight”—Lil Xan and Charli XCX

44. “Black Moon Creeping”—The Black Crowes

45. “Kiko and the Lavender Moon”—Los Lobos

46. “Sonny Got Caught in the Moonlight”—Robbie Robertson

47. “Moonlight Drive”—The Doors

48. “New Moon on Monday”—Duran Duran

49. “Blue Moon of Kentucky”—Bill Monre & the Bluegrass Boys

50. “Fly Me to the Moon”—Frank Sinatra

51. “Havana Moon”—Chuck Berry

52. “Moonchild”—Iron Maiden

53. “Get you to the Moon”—Kina featuring Snow

54. “Song about the Moon”—Paul Simon

55. “White Moon”—The White Stripes

56. “Moonlight”—Bob Dylan

57. “Howling at the Moon”—Milow

58. “Man on the Moon”—Phillip Phillips

59. “Mr. Moonlight”—The Beatles

60. “The Moonbeam Song”—Harry Nilsson


61. “Shame on the Moon”—Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

62. “Sisters of the Moon”—Fleetwood Mac

63. “The Whole of the Moon”—The Waterboys

64. “Mountain of the Moon”—Grateful Dead

65. “The First Girl on the Moon”—Roxette

66. “To the Moon and Back”—Luke Bryan

67. “Desert Moon”—Great White

68. “Once in a Blue Moon”—Earl Thomas Conley

69. “Shepherds Moons”—Enya

70. “Moonshake”—Can

71. “Footprints on the Moon”—Tracy Lawrence

72. “Moon Trance”—Lindsey Stirling

73. “Does the Moon Ever Shine on You”—Toby Keith

74. “Why iii Love the Moon”—Phony Ppl

75. “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight”—Randy Houser

76. “Man on the Moon”—Britney Spears

77. “What’s Next to the Moon”—AC/DC

78. “Desert Moon”—Denis DeYoung

79. “Moon Rocks”—Talking Heads

80. “Ticket to the Moon”—Electric Light Orchestra


81. “Moon of Dreams”—Ruslana featuring T-Pain

82. “Fall Dog Bombs the Moon”—David Bowie

83. “Hawkmoon 269”—U2

84. “Rope the Moon”—John Michael Montgomery

85. “Moonlight on Vermont”—Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

86. “Child of the Moon”—The Rolling Stones

87. “Blue Moon”—Big Star

88. “Moon in June”—Soft Machine

89. “Howling at the Moon (Sha-La-La)”—Ramones

90. “Blue Moon”—The Marcels

91. “Under a Glass Moon”—Dream Theater

92. “Is One Moon Enough”—Jack Johnson

93. “Virginia Moon”—Foo Fighters

94. “Everyone’s Gone to the Moon”—Jonathan King

95. “Cry for the Moon”—Epica

96. “Hypnotize the Moon”—Clay Walker

97. “Mad Mad Moon”—Genesis

98. “Under the Weeping Moon”—Opeth

99. “This is How We Walk the Moon”—Jose Gonzalez

100. “Marquee Moon”—Television

Other Notable Songs With Moon in the Title

  • “Under a Paper Moon”—All Time Low
  • “When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again”—Elvis Presley
  • “Shoot Down the Moon”—Elton John
  • “Full Moon Rising”—Neil Halstead
  • “Sugar Moon”—K.D. Lang
  • “Let’s Take One More Rocket to the Moon”—Erasure
  • “Grapefruit Moon”—Tom Waits
  • “Over the Moon”—Pretty Things
  • “Full Moon”—Brandy
  • “Brother Wolf, Sister Moon”—The Cult
  • “Small Town Moon”—Regina Spektor
  • “Bike Ride to the Moon”—XTC
  • “Two Sides of the Moon”—Asia
  • “Look Junior (There’s the Moon)”—T. Hughes
  • “Waiting for the Moon”—Bruce Cockburn
  • “Slow Dancing With the Moon”—Dolly Parton
  • “Old Devil Moon”—Frank Sinatra
  • “Worried Moon”—Chris Cornell
  • “Moon in Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea)”—Blackmore’s Night
  • “Climbing the Moon”—Eels
  • “Take you to the Moon”—Big Country
  • “Under the Moon”—Insane Clown Posse
  • “The Shepherd and the Moon”—Aphrodite’s Child
  • “Orange Moon”—Erykah Badu
  • “Carolina Moon”—Gene Austin
  • “Jealous Moon”—Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  • “Tropic Moon”—Bruce Cockburn
  • “Electric Moon”—Shakespears Sister
  • “Moonglum (Friend Without and Cause)”—Hawkwind
  • “There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)”—B-52’s
  • “Full Moon”—The Herd
  • “Rope Ladder to the Moon”—Colesseum
  • “Moon Through the Branches”—Hammock
  • “Man in the Moon”—Erasure
  • “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”—Glen Campbell
  • “Moongirl”—Barclay James Harvest
  • “Angels on the Moon”—Thriving Ivory
  • “Sitting on the Moon”—Enigma
  • “Mississipi Moon”—King’s X
  • “Black Moon”—Black Sabbath
  • “Underneath the Same Moon”—Blake Shelton
  • “Moon Song”—America
  • “Silver Moonlight”—Within Temptation
  • “Black Moon”—Wilco
  • “Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon”—The Nice
  • “Under a Violent Night”—Blackmore’s Night
  • “Moon Child”—M83
  • “Amber Moon”—Bronco
  • “I Know She Hung the Moon”—Toby Keith
  • “Party on the Moon”—Vanessa Hudgens
  • “Full Moon in My Soul”—Robyn Hitchcock
  • “All By Yourself in the Moonlight”—Whispering Jack Smith
  • “Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons”—Gorillaz
  • “Dark Side of the Moon”—Lil Wayne featuring Nicki Minaj
  • “Tubas in the Moonlight”—Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
  • “Black Moon”—Emerson Lake and Palmer
  • “Picture of the Moon”—Gary Moore
  • “Dancer and the Moon”—Blackmore’s Night
  • “Once in a Blue Moon”—Van Morrison
  • “Moon is Rising”—Pretty Things
  • “Mr. Moonshine”—Fat Mattress
  • “Moon is Up”—The Rolling Stones
  • “Big Sur Moon”—Buckethead
  • “Son of the Red Moon”—Roger Chapman
  • “Moonlight”—XXXTentacion
  • “Belladonna Moonshine”—Audience
  • “Paper Moon”—Our Lady Peace
  • “C Moon”—Paul McCartney and Wings
  • “Moon Over Miami”—Eddy Duchin
  • “Full Moon Night”—Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • “Surface of the Moon”—Del Amitri
  • “Meet Me on the Moon”—Phyllis Hyman
  • “Elvis Lives on the Moon”—Lindisfarne
  • “Moondance”—Nightwish
  • “Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)”—Procol Harum
  • “Moonwater”—Barclay James Harvest
  • “Rocket to the Moon”—Herp Albert
  • “Moonshine”—Wishbone Ash
  • “Moonchild”—Chris Cornell
  • “Fire on the Moon”—Steve Hackett
  • “Maiden of the Cancer Moon”—Quicksilver Messenger Service
  • “The Finger and the Moon”—Ben Lee
  • “Full Moon”—The Black Ghosts
  • “Midnight Moonshine”—Cochise
  • “Moon at the Window”—Joni Mitchell
  • “Rocket to the Moon”—Culture Beat
  • “Silvery Moon”—Sherbet
  • “Man in the Moon”—Yes
  • “Rope Ladder to the Moon”—Jack Bruce
  • “Earth and Sun and Moon”—Midnight Oil
  • “I’ll Shoot the Moon”—Tom Waits
  • “Moonwatch”—Mike Oldfield
  • “Under the Moon of Love”—Showaddywaddy
  • “Full Moon”—The Kinks
  • “Moonlight in Vermont”—Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald
  • “Moonshine”—Spencer Davis Group
  • “Under the Cherry Moon”—Prince
  • “Moonlight Night”—Shocking Blue
  • “Full Moon Turn My Head Around”—Off Broadway USA
  • “Moon Blue”—Stevie Wonder
  • “Bad Side of the Moon”—Toe Fat
  • “Moon Baby”—Godsmack
  • “Sacrifice of the Moon”—Ultimate Spinach
  • “Almost Full Moon”—Enigma
  • “Red hot Moon”—Rancid
  • “Just Like the Moon”—Brett Dennen
  • “Sun and Moon”—Above & Beyond featuring Richard Bedford
  • “A Better Moon”—Ian Anderson
  • “Cara Let the Moon”—Blues Traveler
  • “The Moon”—Flobots
  • “Once in Very Blue Moon”—Nanci Griffith
  • “Moon Over Marin”—Dead Kennedys
  • “How High the Moon”—Les Paul and Mary Ford
  • “Full Moon Ride”—Black Oak Arkansas
  • “Painted Moon”—The Silencers
  • “Lazy Moon”—Harry Nilsson
  • “Here Comes the Moon”—George Harrison
  • “Penumbra Moon”—Billy Nichollas
  • “Girl in the Moon”—Icehouse
  • “Life on the Moon”—David Cook
  • “Shadow of the Night”—Blackmore’s Night
  • “Moonlight Stroll”—Mike Oldfield
  • “Bomber’s Moon”—Mike Harding
  • “The Moon Was Yellow (And the Night Was Young)”—Frank Sinatra
  • “Between Sun & Moon”—Rush
  • “Calling the Moon”—Dar Williams
  • “Under Moonshine”—The Moody Blues
  • “By the Light of the Silvery Moon”—Doris Day
  • “The Same Moon”—Phil Collins
  • “On Moonlight Bay”—Doris Day
  • “Moon in the Mirror”—Joni Mitchell
  • “Moonlight Lady”—Albert Hammond
  • “Total Eclipse of the Moon”—Enigma
  • “Mandolin Moon”—Sister Hazel
  • “Moonshine”—Curved Air
  • “It’s Only a Paper Moon”—Ella Fitzgerald

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